Presi aims to enrich people’s lives through real estate,
the arena of all human activity.

住まい 営み 安らぎ

豊かな暮らし Good Life

We will help you live more prosperously through “living”, “working” and “relaxing” on the land, and further by “owning” that land.


Recently there has been a rapid increase in the fusion of real estate with financial products. This causes the price to fluctuate as it is separated from the intrinsic value of the real estate itself. Consequently, we feel that it is a fact that cannot be denied that people fluctuate between hope and despair as the price is tossed about.

Of course, we also do not neglect efforts to confront the real estate market by means of increasingly sophisticated financial engineering.


However, we believe what is more important is to distance oneself from the short-term market fluctuations of the financial market, and focus on the intrinsic value of the real estate itself, by searching for real estate that has stability over a longer time axis and brings abundance.

Presi is still very much a young company, but we believe that real estate and trust are formed on a long time axis, and we are willing to push forward humbly and sincerely.

An experienced staff will be happy to offer you guidance. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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