Although retained earnings refers to the “earning savings”, it does not exist on the financial statement since it is not an account title. For example, in the balance sheet, it appears named as earned surplus in the section of net assets, and is transferred into assets in the form of buildings and facilities. The most important issue is to increase retained earnings. But actually, it is not an easy task. The main reason is that sales and net income related to retained earnings fluctuate greatly depending on the economy and market conditions at that time. Therefore, we would like you to make use of our "utilization of profitable real estate”. By transferring part of the retained earnings obtained from your main business into profitable real estate, we aim at constructing even more bigger retained earnings, and helping you to earn a stable rental income.

Real estate rental business is the most stable among the many types of investment. As you can see from the decline of the electronics industry in recent years, the rate of return will change greatly depending on the circumstances of the times, economic trends, and unexpected situations. On the other hand, real estate rental business has the highest profit stability among all companies listed on first section of stock exchange. It is also considered as an investment hard to be affected by natural disasters, and there is nothing as reliable as real estate when you gain profits outside of your main business.

For those who make investments, the activation method of assets will change drastically whether they can be sold or not. No matter how much savings you have, there are many things that can not be utilized as funds. In other words, it is like putting money in a safe that can never be opened. On the other hand, real estate not involved in the main business can be cashed at any time. Normally you build internal reserves from rent and other income, and sell immediately in the case large amount of cash becomes necessary. It can be said that real estate investment is a good thing that makes it possible to have such flexible financing.

The biggest concern for those investing is the impact that it will have on their main business. The more it will be profitable, the more inheritance tax will become a heavy burden. Under such circumstances, it will become a major issue in the future to lighten the burden of tax while maintaining as much as possible the current status. So by using the profitable real estate proposed by our company, it is possible to carry out business succession in a smooth way.

With the recent tax system reform, the interest in inheritance tax has increased. One-room studios and apartment are especially recommended for these inheritance tax countermeasures using real estate properties. While being an efficient tax saving measure, distribution at the time of inheritance can also be done smoothly. And because stable earnings we can expected over the long term, it will be a nice asset for the heirs as well.

The proportion of leasehold interest. It is the reason why our company is paying particular attention to real estate in Tokyo. Compared with many regions where the leasehold interest rate represents 60%, most of Tokyo's roadside land prices are at 70%. In the case of a commercial area in front of the station, it may be 80%, and if the leasehold ratio is high, the value of the land will be greatly reduced proportionally. The "Small-scale Residential Space Special Case" that can reduce inheritance tax valuation up to 80% is applied regarding a certain part of the land that was used for inherited houses and businesses. In other words, if you own property in Tokyo, the inheritance tax which is a big burden can be exceedingly reduced.

Planning and sale of tenant-occupied residence.

A tenant-occupied residence is a term that defines a residence in which the rental owner's residential space and tenant 's living space coexist within one building. The large monthly costs involved in the rebuilding of your own house using loans can be reduced by setting part of the residence as lease space and earning rental income.

Planning and sale of real estate investment

A block of profitable flats is the term that refers to a block of flats bought for management purposes in which owners do not live but rent each and every room in order to have rent income. Stable rental revenue can be expected, with limited impact as even if there is vacancy, all rooms will never be vacant. and the possibility to disperse management crisis due to the risk of room vacancy.

A "Consulting" named land usage.

There is a huge maintenance cost with taxes involved only by owning real estate properties. However, it is precisely because you own this precious land that you must consider friendly means for this large "maintenance fee" problem and manage it, and that is “Land Usage Consulting”. We will keep track of the current trends and situation, then establish a scrupulous plan and execute it steadily. Just owning real estate does not produce anything positive. Based on the trend of the times, the needs of people, and their own future projects, "Presi" will propose a plan that will be the most effective in land usage / operation for landlord's assets.

Contribution to the surrounding area and environment.

Rather than bringing incentives only to the real estate owner, we can also share the benefits of owning that piece of land with the residents around, for example, by bringing in on the first floor a facility that does not exist in the area and wished by people living in the surroundings, as we can propose a meaningful style of land usage, considering what matters, of course, to the landlord as well as local residents and the environment.

Building design and design management.

We provide scrupulous services to meet the diverse needs of our customers, from site development to joint housing and commercial facilities, as well as from improvement design to construction and up to repair work. We will enhance after-sales service even after completion, and build a relationship of trust with our customers. Also, in addition to taking part in the construction field, we will serve our customers with a well-prepared support.

Aiming for a safe and secure "city planning and community development”.

The consolidation of public infrastructures is indispensable to obtain a confortable living space. We will develop foundations that are thoroughly prepared for local community development and disaster countermeasures, and offer a response to a variety of social needs with the aim of creating an even more comfortable and convenient community.

From “Ownership” to “Lease”.

Respond to changing lifestyle needs. Along with the flow of the times, the lifestyle of people living in city center diversify, and new needs that are different from the conventional ones are created. By responding to the various needs of residents in an accurate way, offering the possibility to live with a pet, get rid of the anxiety about life after retirement, and stay in line with the diversification of lifestyle with family, and maintaining high occupancy rates, for the first time it becomes possible to keep sustainable operations while maintaining asset value of the leased real estate property. At “Presi”, in order to respond to the various needs of people who will become landlords, we have prepared various styles of rental for real estate properties such as high-grade family type leased properties comparable to premium condominiums, leased properties with nursing care service for single elderly people, and also leased properties in which it is possible to live with a pet.

Also for real estate after sale

No matter how excellent the property is, deterioration due to its age is inevitable. Regular maintenance is indispensable for a long and comfortable living. Therefore, after-sales service is an important aspect for the purchasing side. The landlord whose property deterioration has started usually contacts the broker, but the broker asks the contractor for guarantee. As a result, it is difficult to see who is responsible. In response to this reality, "Presi" offers a one-stop service that includes also after-sales service. We guarantee "peace of mind" and "comfort" to people living in the real estate we manage.

Real estate property with high 'intrinsic value’ assessed with sound judgment

At our company, “we purchase carefully selected real estate properties” with a focus on city center. For purchasing, we appropriately evaluate land and buildings based on our own original quantitative scale. We implement three multifaceted analyzes that do not depend on intuition or subjectivity. First of all, the asset quality according to its location, including the experienced distance from the station and convenience, then the profitability considered on rent setting and supply-demand balance. Finally, the future prospects placed on a “temporal axis”, and determining “in addition to those aspects, how much can the asset quality and integrity can be maintained in the future?”. We will continue to purchase real estate properties that are important to all of you with the sound judgment unique to “Presi", and deliver them to the next temporal axis.

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